CDs by Dave-Michael Valentine

Dave Michael Valentine Bootleg DMV miscellaneous unreleased tracksBootleg

Diverse, wide-range of assorted unreleased recordings, unavailable on other CDs. Includes demos, promotional releases and test recordings.

Songs Include: Little Miss Operator – One Step Away – Daddy, Where R U? – Freedom – Hurt Me – Sex Music – You Ain’t Good Enough – Concrete Jungle – Marriage Proclamation (wedding song) – Hit And Run – The Marryin’ County Blues – Shmooze Shuffle – Someone Else’s Woman – When I’m With You

MSRP: $18.99

Dave Michael Valentine Music by Dave and Tom 1987 imageDave And Tom

Chronicles songs performed with Tomas A. Sulik at Visual Cuisine Studios in Salem, Oregon. Production noticably different that other projects thanks to Sulik’s influence. Featuring a wider variety of musical styles.

Songs Include: One Way To Two – Wonder Of Your Love – Lonely Lady – Marryin’ County Blues – Revenge – When I’m With You – Hit And Run – Retail Sore Blues – Island Girl In The City – Someone Else’s Woman – Wedding Song – Goin’ Home Blues – Shmooze Shuffle

MSRP: $18.99

Dave Michael Valentine Carpenters Apprentice DMV 1977 to 1982 compilationCarpenter’s Apprentice

Reunion of Valentine’s band, Carpenter’s Apprentice yields updated recordings of earlier songs performed by the band. Some say the old recordings are better than the newer ones. Check out the more contemporary sounds and judge for yourself.

Songs Include: Mirror Image – I’ve Got A Love – Love Tag – I Can’t Get Enough – Little Miss Operator – Red Carpet – Find My Way – Top Secret – When I’m With You – X-Ray Vision – There Is A Beggar – Letter To Dad – What Would You Do?

MSRP: $18.99

Dave Michael Valentine StratUsFear 1984 imageStratUsFear

Following divorce and estrangement from his offspring, an explosion of emotion, creativity and observational expression resulted in the audio statement that is Valentine’s StratUsFear. Questioning life on this planet and interactivity with the opposite sex.

Songs Include: I Want To See – We’ll Always Have Each Other – Cannibal Girls – Hurt Me – I’m A Fugitive – Live And Let Die – Concrete Jungle – What You Do For You – They Say He’s Cool – California Girls – I’m Not From Here

MSRP: $18.99

Dave Michael Valentine Radiers of the Lost Tapes DMV 1983 imageRaiders of the Lost Tapes

While working on in-studio projects, Valentine released this collection of 12 songs that found themselves without homes, yet were requested by concert-goers. Valentine rocks out w/acoustic guitars, bass and drums.

Songs Include: One Good Reason – UNIR Meant 2B – If The World Ends Tomorrow – Where’d The War Be? – I Should Have Known – Just Two Days – Letter From Mexico – Life On The Line – Out Of Here – Rebound Blues – See Inside You – Saying That You Love Me

MSRP: $18.99

Dave Michael Valentine One Family Under God DMV and the Lewis KidsOne Family Under God

Valentine teams up with his offspring to express reverent joy and a familial belief in God.

Songs Include: Wedding Song – It’s A Happy Day – This Is The Day – Without Faith – Joy Is The Flag – Lead Me To The Rock – Father, I Adore You – Spring Up O’ Well – They That Trust In The Lord – Ho, Ho, Hosanna – The Joy Of The Lord – Kindness – Gentle Breeze – Joy – Love, Love, Love – Living Fire – This Day

MSRP: $12.98

Dave Michael Valentine Top Secret DMV 1982 coverTop Secret

Album project three years in the making that reveals some of the most intimate and revealing songwriting. Subject matter includes feelings of abandonment, rejection, independence, unworthiness, the death of a loved one and the ability to move on.

Songs Include: Top Secret – Little Miss Operator – There’s Something – X-Ray Vision – I’m An Adult Now – Every Time I Try To Help – Where’s Annie? – Good Life – Nightmare – Departure – Talk To Me – Everyone Needs Jesus

MSRP: $18.99

Dave Michael Valentine Spiritual Graffiti DMV 1981 imageSpiritual Graffiti

The title of this collection of original songs penned by Valentine is perfect due to the variety of content. There is an extreme variety of tunage appiled. Perfect for fans and non-fans alike.

Songs Include: When I’m With You – Find My Way – I Can’t Get Enough – On The Prowl – New Life – Turnin’ Myself In – How To Say The Words – You Ain’t Good Enough – My Bride To Be… – SCUM – We Can Change The World

MSRP: $18.99

Dave Michael Valentine One Step Away DMV 1978 1979One Step Away

DMV’s foray into a more electric sound. A folk/rock full-tilt boogie’ll have you tappin your toes and singing along, whether you like it, or not, with some psychadelia thrown-in for good measure.

Songs Include: Letter To Dad – Contemplate The Mysteries – What Would You Do – Red Carpet – There Is A Beggar – Where I’m Goin’ – One Step Away – I’ve Got A Love – I Wonder – Seasons Change

MSRP: $12.98

Dave Michael Valentine Crawling Out DMV 1977 Marturion RecordsCrawling Out

Acoustic irreverent reverence. Heartfelt sarcastic look at the world through the eyes of a skeptical believer.

Songs Include: Daddy, Where Are You? – The Great Grape Jam – In The Son – A Better Day – Mirror Image – Mary’s Little Rock-N-Roller – When I Get Down – Come On In – Together Again – What No Man – Thank You, O’ Lord

MSRP: $12.98

Dave Michael Valentine Whats It to Ya DMV 1976 imageWhat’s It To Ya?

Acoustic early recordings. Light-hearted, meaningful, sincere early effort of Dave-Michael Valentine.

Songs Include: One Way Warrior – Look In My Eyes – Empty Nest – Searched the Whole World – She’s A Good Girl – Thanks To the War – When I Look In Your Eyes – Why Not Me? – Quick Song – I Want To Know Him – Slpash, Splash, Splash

MSRP: $12.98