Top 20 Songs

None of these songs have been on any top 20 lists anywhere. In 2009 – and again in 20013 – Dave-Michael Valentine fans had the opportunity to chime-in and vote on their favorite DMV songs.

Based on the results of the scores (that were consistent in both samples) these are the top 20 songs by Dave-Michael Valentine.

  1. If the World Ends Tomorrow
  2. Saying that You Love Me
  3. One Way to Two
  4. California Girls
  5. Island Girl in the City
  6. There’s Something
  7. How to Say the Words
  8. Today
  9. Hurt Me
  10. Contemplate the Mysteries
  11. Nightmare
  12. Kool Kat Kitty
  13. When I Get Down
  14. Where’d the War Be?
  15. Cannibal Girls
  16. Rebound Blues
  17. I Can’t Get Enough
  18. What You Do for You
  19. Every Time I Try to Help
  20. Top Secret

See also: About the Top 20 for more information about these songs.